BSA Microphones RS2

RS-Series N°2

Driven by a quest for excellence in manufacturing, every RS Series product is entirely fabricated in Switzerland, to the highest attainable standards. The RS2 is the first microphone of this new series, with electronics wired point-to-point, bodywork made from stainless steel, and finishing in nickel and black chrome. Beautiful in both form and sound, it's a design based on our all-time favourite microphone, the 1960's original ELAM 251.

Handcrafted in Switzerland, the RS2 is the highest quality microphone we build, in finish and performance. Every unit is built to order and can be customized according to customer preference.


RS2 Owner's manual

CHF 5'500,00


+ Product Features

• ELAM 251, self-bias circuit
• Haun CK12 capsule
• Haufe T14/1 transformer
• NOS GE 6072 vacuum tube
• RS-6120 power supply
• Swivel stand mount
• 10-year warranty
• Handcrafted in Switzerland

+ Specifications

• Type: Cond. pressure gradient
• Capsule: CK12, Multi-chambered
• Patterns: Omni, Cardioid, Fig.8
• Freq. Range: 20Hz to 20kHz
• Max SPL: ≈ 130dB
• Noise: 10 dB, A-weighted
• Dimensions: 216 x ø51mm
• Weight: 900gms

+ Options & Settings

• Custom wood-box (optional)
• American CK12 capsule (optional)
• ECC81 tube setup (optional)
• Plate Supply: 120V
• Plate Current: ≈ 0,6mA
• Heater Voltage: 6,10V
• Heater Current: 175mA
• Impedance: 200Ω