3D Mechanical Design

Using industry standard CAD modelling programs (SWorks/Rhino), our engineering team can provide your existing or new audio business the custom design solutions you need. Whether it's for a small one-off project, or to manage an entire commercial product from design and prototyping to manufacturing, send us your ideas to sales@bspade.com to discuss available options and pricing.

2D technical drawings are provided along with all our models, including hole information, general part tolerances, and material specifications. For details on our manufacturing capabilities please see our fabrication page.

  • Headbasket frames and mesh grills
  • Capsule mounting hardware
  • PCB's and related hardware (spacers, standoffs, brackets)
  • Chassis components (rails, plates, connector housings)
  • Vacuum tube mounting hardware
  • Power supply casings (sheet metal)
  • Lucite/Makrolon plates or boards
  • Rubber buffers for capsule and tube dampening
  • Tooling/stamping dies
  • Foam inlays for product packaging