UM17B Microphone

BSA UM17B Microphone – Flightcase


Character Description

There are no short-cuts to manufacturing a reliable and great sounding microphone, and the UM17B is no exception. Its formidable performance is achieved by a vintage-inspired valve amplifier purpose built for Thiersch's Blueline M7 capsule, an EF-732 NOS vacuum tube, and Haufe's BV08 transformer. With high resolution, a very smooth upper register, and a large sound-stage, the UM17B has all the attributes our clients look for in their studio's main vocal microphone.

Hand-built to order in Switzerland, the UM17B is designed to be one of the highest quality microphones available today, at any price. As with all our products, we highly recommend taking advantage of our 14-day demo policy to experience its performance first-hand.



BSA UM17B Microphone – Wood Box

BSA UM17B Microphone – Dust Cover

BSA UM17B Microphone – Side

BSA UM17B Microphone – Headbasket

BSA UM17B Microphone – Electronics top

BSA UM17B Microphone – Electronics side

BSA UM17B Microphone – Electronics rear

BSA UM17B Microphone – Electronics Front

BSA UM17B Microphone – PSU Dakaware

BSA UM17B Microphone – PSU Polarity Switch

BSA UM17B Microphone – PSU Rear




Product Features

• U47/M49 inspired amplifier circuit (CH)
• Thiersch PVC M7 capsule (Germany)
• Haufe T-7853 BV08 Transformer (Germany)
• Telefunken/Sylvania NOS EF732/5840 tube (Germany/USA)
• Neutrik and Switchcraft connectors (CH/USA)
• Belden wiring throughout (Germany)
• Cables, shockmount, wood box and flightcase included
• 10-year no questions asked warranty on all electronics
• Designed and hand-built in Switzerland



• Type: Condenser pressure gradient
• Capsule: STW7, PVC diaphragm
• Polar Patterns: Multi-pattern, 41-positions incl. O-C-8
• Frequency Range: 20Hz to 20,000Hz
• Impedance: 200Ω
• SPL: 130dB
• Equivalent Noise: 16 dB, A-weighted
• Mic Dimensions: 245mm long, 44mm diameter
• Weight: 790gms


Available Options

• Thiersch Blueline or Redline M7 capsule
• Rycote USM Shockmount, BSA Edition
• Gotham GAC-7 Cable
• RS Series 6120 Power-Supply


Owner's Manual