General Questions

Where can I buy your products?

RS-2 and RS-4 microphones are built to customer order and available factory direct. Lead-time for our standard and recommended specification ranges from 2 to 4-weeks depending on shop load. To place your order, send us a mail to sales@bspade.com for more information.

UM series microphones are available both factory direct and through selected stocking dealers. Our spare parts, accessories, and cable assemblies are available through our online shop.


How much is shipping?

Our microphone systems come with free Fedex worldwide shipping when purchased factory direct. For orders of accessories through our online shop, shipping options and pricing are provided during checkout. All orders placed online are charged in Swiss Francs (CHF).


Is it possible to evaluate/demo your products?

All microphone purchases come with a 2-week trial period included, during which you can return the product for a full refund of the purchase price minus shipping. You don't need to provide any reasons for the return, and we don't charge any restocking fees. The dealers we work with are also specifically chosen for their flexible and user-friendly demo policies.



Warranty & Service

How long is your microphone warranty, and how does it work?

For the original owner, our warranty is 10-years no questions asked on all mechanical and electronic components, except for NOS tubes (6-months) in select products. Warranty is transferable, with the coverage downgraded to 5-years from original date of purchase.

To initiate a warranty repair or service, please contact support@bspade.com. We aim to provide a reply to all support requests within a few hours.


What happens if I damaged my microphone, and how much does it cost to repair?

For visible mechanical damage, in most cases we can provide a quote based on just detailed pictures, and send out replacement parts for you to install yourself. For more involved repair work involving the electronics, we only charge for replacement parts if the damage falls outside of the scope of your warranty (accidents or misuse), or your warranty has expired. Labour is always free of charge for any repair or servicing work done at BSA. 


If my microphone needs a replacement NOS tube, where can I buy one?

We have secured a large stock of NOS tubes for all current and discontinued BSA microphones. These are available for sale to existing owners of any of our products. Please contact support@bspade.com for more details on how to order.