C12 Microphone

Undoubtedly one of the greatest microphones ever made, the original AKG C12 is best known for its airy and smooth presence rise. To reproduce this unique response we use the same single layer mesh, Tim Campbell's CK12 capsule, the original amplifier design and Haufe T14/1 transformer. Our RS Series power-supply is included to recreate the originals depth and clarity, resulting in a microphone with present but smooth highs, a clear midrange, and the unmistakeable low-end focus of a CK12 capsule.

Handbuilt to order in Switzerland, the BSA C12 is one of the highest quality microphones available today. As with all our products, we highly recommend taking advantage of our 14-day demo policy to experience its performance first-hand.


C12 Owner's manual

CHF 2'985,00

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+ Product Features

• C12 inspired, fixed-bias circuit
• Campbell CT12 capsule
• Haufe T14/1 transformer
• NOS ECC81 vacuum tube
• RS-6120 power supply
• Swivel stand mount
• 10-year warranty
• Handbuilt in Switzerland

+ Specifications

• Type: Cond. pressure gradient
• Capsule: CK12, Multi-chambered
• Patterns: Multi incl. O-C-8
• Freq. Range: 20Hz to 20kHz
• Max SPL: ≈ 130dB
• Noise: 15 dB, A-weighted
• Dimensions: 240 x ø42mm
• Weight: 700gms

+ Options & Settings

• GE 6072 5* tube (optional)
• Custom Campbell CK12 (optional)
• Haun CK12 capsule (optional)
• Plate Supply: 120V
• Plate Current: ≈ 0,6mA (6072)
• Heater Voltage: 6,10V
• Heater Current: 175mA (6072)
• Impedance: 200Ω